The Realization of our True Nature happens within the Body.


For the Buddha, the first foundation of mindfulness was the contemplation of the body. The body is the door to a deeper realization of who we are. The body is our connection to the world. Through the body we feel, sense and experience our place in it.

One does not need to be a Buddhist in order to experience the calming benefits of meditation. The subtle power of stillness and quiet reflection is universal.

Meditation can be mentally and physically challenging. Being upright requires effort and commitment beyond our usual habits. It is essential to realize that our meditation posture is our very foundation and that we need to learn to sit in a way that does not strain or harm joints and ligaments.

meditation_imageWith the Alexander Technique you will learn to:

  • Ease into postures easily

  • Use the body as the foundation for mindfulness

  • Apply awareness to body and mind

  • Experience a sense of aliveness and ease