What is the Alexander Technique?

Are you in pain? Is your body suffering from lifetime habits of tension and stress? The Alexander Technique re-educates the muscular and neurological systems to break those habits, allowing you to move with comfort and ease.

Although there are many aspects to the Technique, the core has to do with the Use of the Self, the way we coordinate ourselves in our everyday activities.

On a physical level, this involves creating the right amount of tension necessary for whatever activity we are doing, and a radical redistribution of muscular tone throughout the body.

On a mental level, it produces a calmer and clearer state of mind. We are less driven by impulses, instead we are employing conscious control of our energies.

Key elements of the Alexander Technique are:

  • Creating Awareness – How we habitually respond to stimulus
  • Inhibition – Stopping and Re-thinking our course of action
  • Direction – Reconfiguring a new way of movement
  • Movement – Moving without interference of our natural poise