awareness-2If we don’t know what we are doing, we won’t be able to change it. Therefore creating awareness of our unconscious habits is one of the key elements in the Alexander Technique.

Our kinesthetic sense – the way we experience ourselves in relation to the environment – is often quite inaccurate. Mental and physical formations are often in the way of us having a reliable sense of what we are doing.

flower1_imageMany habits go by unnoticed, yet their effects on how we function as a whole are tremendous. In order to get to the bottom of those habits, we need to create an awareness that will allow you to sense, experience and feel what is actually happening.

In that way, an Alexander Teacher acts like a mirror, reflecting back the subtle changes you may not be able to see right away

Awareness in and of itself already sets in motion a process of change. However, in and of itself alone,  it will not lead to the desired effects. We need to learn how to stop our habits before we figure out what to do next: inhibition