(i.e. Stopping and Re-thinking our Course of Action)

Inhibition is the point where we consciously decide not to do a thing the usual way. baby_imageThis step is very important and cannot be emphasized enough. Without it, the Alexander Technique would be just another set of exercises.

Many non-Alexander exercises for better posture and health are futile, primarily because you are still employing the same harmful tension that caused you discomfort in the first place. With the Alexander Technique, before you start moving, you learn how to recognize and release unnecessary tension by inhibiting (stopping) your habitual responses. Through inhibition you will learn how to

  • overcome chronic muscular tension

  • find the exact moment of choice

  • create new neurological pathways for easy movement

Inhibition is perhaps the most challenging aspect of the Technique and requires a good amount of patience and commitment, yet its rewards are stunning and surprising and much worthwhile the effort and time.