How many lessons?img_0438

I am often being asked: “How many lessons does it take before I finally get it?”

Within a course of 5-10 lessons you will get an understanding of the basic principles the Alexander Technique works with. You may feel great improvement in your overall use and functioning, have more energy, be more alert and calm at the same time. Many people improve greatly during their first lesson, others take longer and the process is slower.

As the Alexander Technique is aimed at you as a continually changing and improving individual, there is no way of telling whether or not you are finally getting it. Every individual requires an individual approach. It is important to know that the work is an ongoing process. Some people may be happy with just a few lessons. Others keep having lessons over the course of many years and continue to make discoveries that help improve their use and performance.

However, in order for you to apply the Alexander Principles independently of the teacher, a course of at least 10 lessons is recommended. Having regular lessons, either weekly or biweekly, would constitute a basis for producing and maintaining worthwhile improvement.

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