What is Insufficient Use?


In Alexander Terms, Insufficient Use means the distortion of the head-neck-torso relationship in a way that creates tension and limited mobility throughout the body. Too much tension and poor body mechanics often have debilitating effects and can severely limit a person’s ability to enjoy life.

Using ourselves without paying attention to how we are doing things asks for trouble. Being too focused on a certain outcome without considering the means whereby we get there robs us of our true experience. End-gaining, wanting results and reaching our goal as fast as possible has become a major flaw in the modern world.

The Alexander Technique more than anything teaches us how to pay attention to what we are doing.

Insufficient Use often becomes a force of habit, something we become so used to that it feels normal after a while. It is as if we have never known anything else. It takes the skilled hands and observations of an Alexander Teacher to bring those habits into consciousness and to point out the possible changes one can make. As we all know: Habits die hard. So the main thing is to stay patient and observant and register the changes that are happening.

The Alexander Technique works with subtle changes in and throughout the nervous system in order to bring about long lasting improvement.