Why Lessons?

As the Alexander Technique aims at re-educating the muscular and neurological system and since it requires the full attention of the persons involved (that includes the teacher and student), an Alexander Session is called a Lesson – not a treatment or a cure or another quick fix.

Unlike many other treatments, an Alexander Lesson requires the full and undivided participation of the student. Benefits can only come about as teacher and student share information, work together on resolving patterns and aim for natural improvement and ease.

why-lessonsSince everybody is different, everybody deserves special attention to their individual issues. That’s why private Alexander Lessons are so important. It is the individual attention as well as the gentle guidance with the teacher’s hands that make a lesson unique and fully beneficial to the participant.

Learning the principals of the Alexander Technique in a group setting or introductory class is possible, yet private lessons are absolutely essential in experiencing the changes the Alexander Technique will bring about.

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