During A Lesson


An Alexander Lesson is aimed at improving your overall coordination by means of stopping a harmful pattern in its origin and using a new way of directing your response to any given stimulus.

During an Alexander Lesson you will learn how to:

  • Become aware of your physical and mental habits

  • Refine your kinesthetic sense

  • Recognize your movement patterns

  • Release tension

  • Make choices

  • Move pain free and with ease

An Alexander Lesson is gentle, non-intrusive hands-on work combined with verbal instructions and mental suggestions. Everyday movements like standing, sitting and walking will be broken down into their various parts, so that we can study the various aspects of your movements and their accommodating efforts. We will work on finding a way that allows you to move with a greater sense of ease, awareness and joy.

At the end of a lesson, students usually report a sense of lightness and ease. They are more aware of themselves and their surroundings, and movements and activities feel more balanced and free. However, everything you learn during a lesson is meant to be incorporated into your daily life. A lesson will help you develop the tools for learning by communicating an experience of improved use. Yet it is up to you to use those tools in your everyday life.